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It’s no secret that your zodiac sign speaks volumes about you and your taste in general. We decided to take that information and determine the perfect Kia for you based on your sign. Without further adieu, here it is!



Those born under the sign of Aquarius are often highly energetic individuals who excel at being purely themselves. Independence is the name of their game, so what better car is there for them than the strikingly unique Kia™ E-Niro? Any Aquarius would know that an eco friendly car is the smartest move.



Those blessed by the sign of Pisces are among the most empathetic people you will find. Driven by a deep inner kindness and the need to take care of others, these sensitive souls were a clear ringer for the Kia™ Soul. A Pisces craves an artistic aesthetic and the Kia Soul™ serves that up in spades.


The high energy movers and shakers born under Aries were probably the easiest to choose their corresponding Kia™ for. Without a doubt, the Stinger™ is a solid pairing for an Aries. Bold and brash describes your every move, so why not have a car to match?


When it comes to calculated decisions and caution, a Taurus is ready to shine. With deliberate actions being key to this sign, what better choice is there than the Sedona™? With best in class safety features and an intentionally practical style, the Sedona™ is a solid companion for any Taurus. You’re a rock that your friends rely on, and the Kia Sedona™ is your perfect partner.


As a natural born leader, a Leo has no hesitation about calling the shots. They’re confident and prepared to take charge of any situation. Lead your pack behind the wheel of a Kia Sorento™. Don’t worry, there’s room for your whole squad.


In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.” Hey, Virgos, you probably could’ve guessed this was about you right away, you deep thinking analyzer you. While on the surface they may appear quiet and serene, inside their minds they are whirling through possibilities. Their desire for precise details and pleasing aesthetics presents the Cadenza™ as their match. With the technology to ensure a precision driving experience and the looks to “wow” any passengers, the Cadenza™ and Virgo were destined to meet.


Peace, love, harmony, and balance are all integral archetypes of a Libra. With a design centered around good vibes and feng shui, what other car could a Libra even desire? In your Kia Rio™, flower children are more than welcome.


Hey, Scorpios, we saved a solid car for you. With all that passion and the tenacity to speak exactly what’s on your mind, we determined the Kia Forte™ was without a doubt the car for you. With a bold “can’t hold me down” design, you’ll be ready to show the world you’re not to be messed with.


A Sagittarius is about adventure, exploration, and leaving no stone unturned. They hate to be bound to mundane habits and instead seek the great unknown. Much like a Sagittarius, the K900™ is headed off into realms of luxury yet unseen in a Kia™. They’re top of the line and don’t settle for the status quo, so what better companion to have than a Sagittarius?


As a Capricorn, you value discipline and self control. There’s no room for questionable choices or things that aren’t guaranteed winners in your life. With that in mind, the Kia Telluride™ stands out as Capricorn material. You’ll love the tried and true reliability delivered by this knockout SUV. It was built to be reliable, just like you.


Much like the crab that is its sign, Cancers often are about their home first and foremost. Family is more than blood and they revere those connections above all other things. The Optima™ is built for your loved ones and you to experience life together, to see new places, and to create memories together. We think these two are a better match than ice cream and apple pie.


“Get you a car that can do both” – Geminis everywhere. As a Gemini, you have two very distinct personalities within yourself. Normally, that can be confusing and feel a little weird. When it comes to cars, however, it makes things blatantly simple. The Kia Optima Hybrid™ was built to have the style of a sedan and the fuel economy of a hybrid. Safe to say, you can have it both ways.

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