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On Saturday 26th Kalidy Kia hosted the Lace & Mask Gala, organized by The Oklahoma Lawyers for Children. Kalidy Marketing made a great media coverage of this great event and here we are bringing you the most remarkable moments and the best shots of the night.

amazing night

Kalidy Kia hosted an incredible event where above 300 guests showed up to support a great cause . The purpose of this event was to raise money for the abused and neglected children in Oklahoma and we were glad to see many of our city attorneys and friends attending this occassion.

At 6:30 pm some of the guests and organizers started to arrive to our beautifully decorated 55,000 square foot Showroom and ejoyed a VIP treatment. The participants were able also to acquire interesting items in auction.

The Showroom looked amazing with elegant linen & cutlery; a nice LED screen, an spectacular stage with awesome lighting and audio and a mobile escape room provided by “The Escape OKC”.

All the guests had a blast with Adam Aguilar and the Weekend All Stars who not only have a great repertoire with many good songs, but also great musicians who performed in a fantastic way. They made everybody to move their feet during the whole night with that great beat!




helping the most vulnerable

a gala with a good cause


OLFC is the only nonprofit dedicated to providing free legal representation to abused, neglected and deprived children in Oklahoma County.

Since 1997, Oklahoma Lawyers for Children has returned hope and color to the lives of Oklahoma’s deprived children through pro bono legal representation. More than 1,300 volunteer attorneys and 500 non-lawyer volunteers fight to protect the rights of abused, neglected and deprived children at Emergency Show Cause Hearings held 5 days a week, 52 weeks per year.

This year Tsinena Thompson and hear great team: Chelsea Abney, Jeremy Springer and Kathrine Anne Hansen created an especial event full of significance and fun. A great dinner, games, music, cocktails and dancing; created the great atmosphere for an elegant and joyful occasion. All proceeds of this event were on benefit of OLFC.

One of the best moments of the night was the testimony of David Hall who talked about his life in foster care. His story was inspiring for the attorneys in this event and he received an ovation from all the guests in the room.

Our dear Big Kal made his appearance before the dinner for the entertaining and joy of all the guests. He loves to receive hugs and everybody enjoyed his presence in the Show Room.







Only the Best

about kalidy kia

KALIDY always has been known for supporting good causes and this one was not the exception. Sabih Kalidy is always eager to help people and those who know him best would say that Sabih is fair with people, either when selling houses or cars he goes beyond simple customer service; he expresses all the time how important a customer´s happiness is to him, because he cares, and he loves Oklahoma.

With a sleek new showroom you’ll notice the moment you set foot in the doors, it’s clear why we stand out. Kalidy is about eye-catching finishes and that loving touch that can only be described as stylish. How? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Mercedes or a Kia Soul, we’ve got that and everything in between, and we’ll ensure you get the car you’re looking for.What if the weather isn’t cooperating? No worries. We’ll bring any cars inside right to you, because that’s what Friends For Life™ means to us.

Our massive showroom is packed with the creature comforts necessary to ensure your stay with us is a blast.

There’s a reason we claim to be the best at what we do, and it’s largely due our attention to detail. We have complete focus on providing an experience worth talking about in every square inch of Kalidy Kia.


the best shots of the night


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