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Written By: Brittany Miller, , English


There is not much difference between movie´s superheroes & them.. Who may these people be? Where do they work? What do they do? Do they wear costumes & masks? Do they protect us with star-spangled shields and climb walls?


daddy MY HERO

Batman, Captain America, Thor, and Superman stay in the realm of fiction, but the people I am talking about are the superheroes we have in our reality. The ones who strive to do what’s best for everyone. They sweat everyday at work, they change your flat tires, they change diapers, they wear aprons, they wear suits, they sell cars, they catch the bad guys, they fight the fires, they drive our kids to school, they manage the oilfield, they deal with a group of students, or coach them…

I guess you know who I am talking about… our heroes without capes… our dads! All of them are unique and there shouldn’t have to be a special occasion to give them a gift or to strengthen the relationship with them. We should not forget that to have a good dad is sufficient reason for joy and happiness that should be celebrated.

He is Randy Allen our Finance Guy, with his awesome daughters: Laurel and Addison. His favorite car is the Ford Raptor Crewcab 4×4.

He is Richard Becker, our Sales Manager, also known as our loved Big Kal.

The pretty lady is Aubrey and the handsome boy is Gryffin. They love to play football outside togheter everytime they can.

Richard´s Favorite car is the KIA OPTIMA


Jerzy Wojtas is our Accountant. The little princess is Zuzia and the handsome boy is Kazio. They love to go hiking and play at natural parks. Both kids are soccer and swimming champions so Dad is very proud of them.

Richard Howard is our General Manager. He has a 26 years old son named Corey and he is a Marine.

His little one is Megan and she is a black belt and senior at Blanchard High School. They all are fans of Kias. Richard drives a Sorento and Megan a Kia Soul.

Buzz Banfield is our General Sales Manager. His favorite ladies in the world are the beautiful Scotlyn & Jordan. His favorite Kalidy´s vehicle is the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara.

He is Sabih Kalidy. Our CEO and Founder. Sabih has two beautiful kids. Salem the oldest is a successful High School Basketball player and Salma is a Gymnast and Lakers´ Fan. Even though Sabih has to manage his big Company, he always has time for his family. He loves to play basketball with his kids; when he gets home, he helps with homework and tries to not miss a dinner with them. He also enjoys to take Salma to Kalidy Kia to teach her the business. What they enjoy the most is to have family vacations together.

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