About Sabih Kalidy

Photo of Sabih Kalidy, Owner and visionary of Kalidy Homes

Sabih Kalidy was born and raised in Lebanon. He moved to the United States over 25 years ago to start a new life. After settling in Oklahoma City, Sabih attended Central State University (now the University of Central Oklahoma) and Oklahoma Christian University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. After getting his college degree, Sabih took a position with Clements FoodsCo. involving microbiology and chemistry.

Over the next few years, Sabih was able to save about $20,000 through hard work and frugal spending. This nest egg provided him with the startup capital that he needed to dive into one of his passions – automobiles.

When he wasn’t on the clock at Clements, Sabih was buying and selling cars out of his garage. From there, his business grew into a small car lot and eventually a six-acre dealership. He built his passion for cars into a full-time business.

FUN FACT: During the seven years that Sabih operated his dealership, he sold 10,462cars!

Sabih’s success in the automobile industry caught the attention of Smicklas Chevrolet, who made him an offer to buy his entire dealership. During the negotiation, Sabih proved to be a superb negotiator. He turned his $20,000 nest egg into a multi-million dollar contract.

Ready for his next big venture, Sabih turned his attention to another passion of his: real estate. To manage his business assets after investing in multiple properties, he founded Kalidy Enterprises. In the midst of his growth he took time to pursue a medical degree at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton, United Kingdom.

After receiving his medical degree, Sabih returned to Oklahoma to take advantage of the booming real estate market. He saw a golden opportunity with his Rent-to-Own program to establish itself in the Oklahoma real estate industry, in hopes of the program being the ultimate solution for people searching for a chance at homeownership.

Weighing his career options, Sabih made the decision to venture into the real estate industry away from the medical field. It proved to be the right career move.

Kalidy Enterprises, (now known as Kalidy, LLC.), is recognizable in the Oklahoma City real estate industry. The company has grown to include hundreds of residential homes and commercial properties. It even has two growing neighborhood communities. In regards to Sabih’s Rent-to-Own program, it has changed how Oklahomans buy forever homes. Unlike traditional financial institutions, Sabih’s rent-to-own program focuses on a person’s stability and current ability to pay. The program has paid itself off: it has sold thousands and thousands of homes since it started business in 1994!

What makes Sabih’s signature homes stand out are the inclusive features the homes have. They feature quality, modern touches that separate them from every other home on the block including wood-tile flooring, designer fireplaces, and barn doors.

Sabih demands a high, ethical standard for himself and his colleagues because he believes in the future of Oklahoma. He is fair with people and goes out of his way to continuously show his customers how important their happiness is to him.

Despite his incredible success, Sabih has maintained his humble nature. He loves building relationships with every single person he meets. Whether he’s in line for lunch or at a social event, he always strikes up a conversation with someone new. He’s a friend for Life to everyone because he always succeeds in making new friends.

Whether you’re in town or stalking social media, be sure to stop by and say hi to Oklahoma’s top social butterfly!