Our Building

Kalidy friends for life building exterior arieal photo

The Kalidy Office Building

The Kalidy office is where all the magic happens. Our eclectic building is full of colors, character, geometric shapes and modern design to keep our team creative and out of the box. It’s full of visitors, Friends for Life and a selfie loving Bigfoot. If you love the outside, wait til you see the sleek modern inside!

interior view of Kalidy building - hall of fame lobby


Our Hall of Fame Lobby is an inspiring space where we showcase stars who at one moment had big dreams and accomplished them. Kalidy is all about dreaming big and realizing achievements, whether that be a dream home, career, car or something unique. Our lobby has some of our signature Kalidy touches like the accent brick walls, wood tile flooring, and modern furnishings.


Our conference room features an impressive 19 foot granite table suspended from the ceiling surrounded by modern white leather chairs and a luxury crystal chandelier to complete the eclectic design. This space is home to our weekly Monday morning meetings, home closings, business meetings, Friends for Life visits and more. Televisions all around boast our beautiful home renovations with the Kalidy touches that set us apart.

image from conference room of Kalidy building
office suites at Kalidy building


We love open concept in homes and in our office space. The glass walls and openness throughout the Kalidy office allow for sharing ideas, creativity, fun times and have resulted in a collaborative team with one mission. There are pops of color all throughout our office space like in our furniture, heart shaped lighting and carpet.


An office worthy of a visionary entrepreneur. Sabih’s office is a true technology hub with 7 monitors to oversee his growing business. This expansive, vibrant office is a cross between modern and industrial design. The open, exposed ceiling contrasts from the brick accent wall and sleek white leather furniture. All around Sabih’s office Kalidy wine, celebrity posters and memorabilia are displayed to keep with the theme of dreaming big. This office has had countless Friend for Life visits, business meetings and late night working sessions to get Kalidy to where it is today.

Sabih Kalidy's office