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Living in Midwest City

Midwest City is a thriving area that sits just below Oklahoma City geographically and is growing larger as the years go by. There’s plenty of businesses and industry in this town as well as around this town, making it a fantastic choice for a family. There’s an abundance of public parks as well as quality schools spread across Midwest City, Oklahoma, which is why we offer rental homes and rental properties in this area.

Living in Midwest City is affordable and a fantastic choice. You’ll find plenty of opportunity waiting for you in this city, as it’s experiencing the same astronomical growth that its neighboring OKC is experiencing.

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Things to do

Midwest City is filled to the brim with exciting opportunities for exploration and experiencing new things. There’s a thriving nightlife in this town just waiting for you to come discover it. You’ll find that MWC is home to some fantastic shopping malls and retail outlets, making it an excellent place to go shopping.

  • • Town Center Plaza
  • • Eagle Lake
  • • Ray Trent Park
  • • Joe B. Barned Regional Park
  • • Roughtail Brewing Company
  • • Shiloh Club

Shopping & Restuarants

There is a wide range of restaurants and shops to discover in and around Midwest City, so there will always be something new and fun to explore in terms of both food and retail. Town Center Plaza in Midwest City, Oklahoma is an upscale shopping mall that is packed with a wide range of both restaurants and stores.

  • • Town Center Plaza
  • • Midwest City Black Bear Diner
  • • Pelican’s Restaurant
  • • C’est Si Bon
  • • Uptown Shopping Center
  • • Lockheed Shopping Center

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Midwest City Public Schools

The public schools in Midwest City are wonderful and are well-equipped to ensure your child receives the best education possible. In fact, Carl Albert High School in Midwest City received a 2019 College Success Award for the level of dedication they show to their students.

  • • Carl Albert High School
  • • Soldier Creek Elementary School
  • • Carl Albert Middle School
  • • Cleveland Bailey Elementary School
  • • Midwest City High School
  • • Midwest City Elementary School
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Final thoughts on Midwest City,Ok

Midwest City, OK is an incredible place to plant roots for your family, and you’re certain to love the amenities and opportunities of being in this rapidly expanding area. Oklahoma City is just a short drive away from MWC, so commuting is an absolute breeze. The shopping opportunities abound in this city, so you’ll have plenty of places to explore and find deals at. There’s an abundance of restaurants to dine at, ranging in type from high-end steakhouses to down-home country cooking.

The public-school system in Midwest City is award-winning that is properly equipped to ensure your children receive a great education. The homes we offer in MWC almost always feature a fenced-in backyard to ensure there’s also somewhere at home to play in addition to the countless public parks in town. Midwest City is a rapidly expanding city that has a great amount to offer.

We offer rental and rent-to-own homes in Midwest City because it’s a city that we love. We think it’s a wonderful city for families, and we are nearly constantly offering homes here because of that fact. There’s a great amount of benefits to living in this city, including everything from high-end shopping malls to beautiful public parks. This town is extremely close to Oklahoma City, making it easy to access what that city also has to offer. Rose State College is also in MWC, which has a fantastic assortment of facilities including a brand-new library.

We can help you rent or rent-to-own a home in Midwest City without a massive down-payment. We trust you, and we ensure our deals reflect that trust. Down-payments can be restrictive for families when they’re trying to move into their own homes, so we intentionally structure our system so that this isn’t a problem.

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