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Kalidy: The OKC metro´s local flavor!

Thirty years ago, Sabih Kalidy would never imagined what his future would hold. From selling cars out of his garage to what we know today as Kalidy…. so this is the great story.


The beginnings

Thirty years ago, Sabih Kalidy would’ve never imagined what his future would hold. With a full time job in microbiology and chemistry and a small car business with his brother, Sabih´s big dream was never hampered by despair or fatigue. His hard work paid off, and he went from selling cars out of his garage to what we know today as Kalidy Homes and Kalidy Kia.

The adventure started!

Sabih Kalidy´s business started with his savings of $20,000 and progressed to selling tons of cars at his car dealership. During the seven years at his first location, he sold 10,462 cars! Sabih´s success in the automobile industry eventually caught the attention of Smicklas Chevrolet who made him an offer to buy his entire dealership.

But the adventure was just starting!

Ready for his next venture, Sabih turned his investments into Kalidy Enterprises taking advantage of the booming real estate market. While patiently waiting for his next opportunity, he pursued a medical degree at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton, United Kingdom. After receiving his degree, Sabih decided to return to Oklahoma City where he started to grow Kalidy Homes.

Kalidy homes

The company has now sold hundreds of residential and commercial properties. In addition, Sabih was one of the pioneers of the “Rent to own program”, offering hundreds of families the chance to become owners of a home. The program focuses on a person´s stability and ability to pay and not turning them down because of their credit score. The program led to the start of a solid relationship with the Oklahoman Hispanic Community that prevails until today.

But Sabih´s dream and passion for cars never died. Even after being a successful real estate entrepreneur, he was longing in his heart for something even bigger. He tirelessy and methodically started to look for a great place to start his biggest dream: Kalidy Autoplex.




At that time there was a sizable location used for storage in Edmond; it was the primary storage facility for cars, RVs, Boats, Big Toys and other stuff in the area, owned in part by Oklahoma Sooner coach Barry Switzer. While Sabih searched for the right piece of property, Switzer decided to put the big storage facility up for sale, which is how Sabih acquired what we know now as the home of Kalidy Kia.



The 55,000 square foot building needed a lot of renovation; the Mezzanine where Kalidy Homes offices are, were built from scratch. The red support structures were added to the building as well as the HVAC system.

Once planned to be Oklahoma´s largest indoor showroom to sell nice used cars, the opportunity to buy the local KIA franchise was offered to Sabih. That’s how he started the Kalidy Kia journey, which officially opened for business officially in November of 2018.





The work in this building hasn´t been finished yet, as there are plans to expand the waiting/lounge area for customers and to build a Marketing Office. Since we´ve opened, our explosive growth has required more and more talented people being added to the Kalidy Team. As you can see, we are not your typical car dealership. Our visionary, Sabih Kalidy, is always thinking ahead and that is part of his success.

Bigfoot Kal, our mascot, is now recognized not only as an American icon but as part of our branding and has gained a place in the hearts and minds of our customers and potential customers alike. When Bigfoot is sighted in one of our Billboard ads or on Social Media, people relate him immediately with the Kalidy Brand. Kalidy Enterprises, (now known as Kalidy, LLC.), is recognized as the local flavor in the real estate industry. The company has grown beyond hundreds of residential homes and commercial properties. It now has two growing neighborhood communities: Paradise on the Lake in Edmond and Kalidy Landing in Choctaw.




Being #1

Those that know him best would say that Sabih is fair with people, either when selling houses or cars, he goes beyond simple customer service; he expresses all the time how important a customers´ happiness is to him, because he cares, and he loves Oklahoma.

Just a few weeks ago Kalidy Kia was named #1 Kia Dealership in the metro for the month of March and #3 in the region, great accomplishments after being in business only 4 months… The secret sauce of our success? Honesty, hard work, authenticity… this is how Sabih does it, and that work culture permeates the entire company who work hard and work from their hearts to make Kalidy a great place.

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