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Meet the Kalidy Team
Sabih Kalidy
Hello. I am Sabih Kalidy. I established and founded Kalidy Enterprises & Development in the Great State of Oklahoma in 1995. Kalidy Enterprises & Development is a dominant name in the real-estate business. My company owns, manages and sells hundreds of Residential and Commercial Properties.

I am originally from Lebanon but I have made the United States my home. I have lived in Oklahoma for the last 23 years.I am happily married to my wife, Natalie. God has blessed us with 2 healthy and beautiful children: Salem is 7 years old, and Salma 4 years old.

I enjoy reading a diverse selection of literature. Some of my favorite topics include real estate, politics, economics, car magazines, the stock market, and I am fascinated in reading about different cultures. I also enjoy swimming, and fast cars (especially Ferraris). I love animals, especially dogs. My favorite breed of dogs are German Shepherds.
Larry Thompson
General Manager
Hi, I am Larry, the General Manager for Kalidy Homes LLC. I have known Dr. Kalidy for 15 years and met him while working at Delta Airlines from which I retired after 27 years of service. Towards the end of my career with Delta Airlines I started working for Dr. Kalidy as a Manager in training, after 2 years I climbed the ranks and worked my way up to General Manager. I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life, I’m happily married for 30 years to my beautiful wife, Gwen. I am the proud father of Asia and Larry and I have 2 delightful grandsons, Jordan & Jacob.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the bass guitar with my band D.I.C.E and spending quality time with my family and friends.

As Dr. Kalidy’s right-hand man, I overlook all the day to day operations of the company and am entrusted to make executive decisions during times of Dr. Kalidy’s absence, I am responsible for and take pride in setting quality to its highest standards.
Patricia Leon
Office Manager
Hi, I am Patty. I joined Kalidy in 2006.
I’m originally from Peru, I earned a degree in Business Administration and managed my family business.
In 2003, I came to the United States with my son, Sergio. The first couple of years were a struggle, because I could barely speak a word of English.

When Sabih gave me the opportunity to work for him, my English was limited to "hello" and "goodbye". But through hard work and dedication, I was able to break through the language barrier, and now I feel that I am fluent. Kalidy has given me the chance to shine.
Randhier Ramharakh
IT Manager
Hi, I am Randhier, the IT Manager, I run the IT Department at Kalidy, my job duties include "keep everything technical running".

I enjoy being part of the Kalidy Team, because I believe we really make a difference with the quality of work we produce and the extent that we go to, to provide the best customer service experience possible.

I work together with an in-house Graphics Designer and Social Media Marketer to keep the Kalidy brand visible on any and all possible advertising platforms. We utilize Social Media, Video, Photography, SMS Messaging, QR Codes and my other forms of media to connect with our customers. I also help streamline different processes throughout the company to help us stay efficient and up to date.

Dr. Kalidy believes that technology plays an important role in the future of the company and we believe in his vision.
Cathy G Stansberry
Isaac Schlosser
Chief of Design
Tim Warner
Project Manager
As a Project Manager my role is to analyze company goals and determine the best use of technology, infrastructure, and manpower to accomplish them. Specializing in application development and process improvement, I lead the team of developers and assist in the overseeing of day to day operations as needed.
Renaldi Sim
Software Engineer
Derek Freer
Web Developer
Kyle Morris
IT Intern
Jessica Bailey
Graphic Director
Katarina New
Office Assistant
Hello, I am Katarina, I am glad to be apart of the Kalidy.
I will be helping with office assistance. I have lived in Oklahoma all my life, and would not have it any other way. I am excited about being apart of the Kalidy team.

In my free time, I am a huge gamer I love league of legends and world of warcraft.
Denise Ortega
Office Assistant
Jennifer Pielach
Office Assistant
Taylor Bakeman
Executive Assistant
Alexander Zamora
Market Manager
Manuelle Arias
Mario Zamora
Crew Manager
Danny Kreydie
Crew Manager
Hi my name is Danny. I was born in Beirut, Lebanon and raised in Glyfada, Greece. I am tri-lingual, I speak English, Greek, and Arabic fluently. I am in the process of becoming a Naturalized U.S. citizen. I am all about the American Dream, recently purchased my first home.
I joined Kalidy Homes in 2004 as a crew member with no construction experience. After learning and perfecting my skills, I was promoted to Crew Manager. I also teach a high-skill class for crews and managers.

My positive attitude, dedication, honesty, loyalty, and my ability to learn quickly allowed me to progress rapidly to my position.
I enjoy cruising in my Roush Mustang on the weekends. My interests include fast cars such as Mustangs, Ferraris, Lamborghinis. I love dogs. My favorite breed of dog is German Shepherds.

Sabih says, "Although Danny is my nephew, I gave him no special treatment whatsoever. If anything, I was harder on him than my other managers. He has earned my respect and the respect of the other managers all on his own. Danny is unique, and brings perfectionism to the company."
John Harris
Crew Manager
I am John Harris. I have lived in Oklahoma almost my whole life. I have worked for Kalidy Homes for the last 5 years.
When I started, I had no experience in construction. Kalidy Homes trained me step-by-step: prepping, painting, sheetrocking, crown moldings, you name it. When I gained more knowledge of the business and mastered my skills, I was promoted to Crew Manager.

I have been blessed with two boys; Issac is 10 and Jonathan is 8. It is not easy being a single parent and working a full-time job; but Sabih understands that, and allows me flexibility so I can always be there for my sons. I am so grateful for the opprotunity to work for this great company!
In my spare time I enjoy designing and building personalized clocks which I sell. I mostly build them out of wood and them decorate them with photos and fire-etched drawing. Each clock is unique.

Sabih says, "I have great respect for John. He is extremely responsible, honest and trustworthy, a real gentleman and a very devoted dad. The company and I, personally, are so proud to have him leading one of our teams."
Alfredo Hernandez
Crew Manager
Hello, my name is Alfredo. I am from Jalisco, Mexico. I came to the United States in 2002. I am happily married to my wife of 5 years and we have two beautiful sons, Luis and Victor.

I have worked for Kalidy Homes since November of 2010. Through my hard work and dedication I was promoted to Crew Manager.
I am thankful for the opportunity Sabih has given me and for allowing me to help his company continue to grow. I am truly blessed to be a part of such a great company with amazing people.

In my spare time, I enjoy doing the list of chores my wife has written down for me throughout the week. My son and I enjoy horseback riding and spending time outdoors. I love spending time with my family, watching my children grow and enjoy their lives.
Luis Varela
Crew Manager
Aaron Lee
Crew Manager
Omar Lopez
Crew Manager
Shawn Milligan
Crew Manager
Logan Brooks
Crew Manager
Development Manager
Office Assistant