Living in Edmond, Ok

One can expect to find Edmond a warm and inviting area, as its reputation of excellence is firmly based in reality. This is a town that values safety, education, and beautification of public areas. Edmond is home to an assortment of restaurants ranging from fine dining at Boulevard Steakhouse to more relaxed family-oriented options such as Uppercrust.

There are countless public parks scattered across Edmond’s berth, all of which are perfectly tailored to be a fantastic spot for your little ones. This town is historic but simultaneously accepting of new trends and traditions, and that’s evidenced by the abundance of night-life in addition to the wholesome family activities. With Edmond you don’t have to choose.

Armstrong AuditoriumArmstrong Auditorium

Hafner parkHafer park

Market PlaceMarket Place

Things to do

Edmond is packed with locations to visit that are fun for the whole family, and we’d love to help you find your future favorite spots. There are additionally plenty of joints that are suited more for adults once the sun goes down. In other words, Edmond is a city that is fun for the whole family no matter the occasion.

  • • Edmond Dog Park
  • • Mathis Skate Park
  • • Majors

Shopping & Dining In Edmond

Edmond is experiencing the very same renaissance that OKC is going through, in that new shops, restaurants, and bars are popping up left and right. There’s an abundance of night-life opportunities waiting for you in the exclusive Edmond area, and you’re going to love it. Explore the thrills and prestige of Edmond in some of the following locations...

  • • Charleston’s Restaurant
  • • The Patriarch Beer Bar
  • • Boulevard Steakhouse
  • • Bistro 22
  • • The Cow Calf-Hay
  • • Wolftrap

Shopping at Edmond Town Center

Edmond Public Schools

The Edmond public school system is one of the most highly ranked school districts in the state of Oklahoma, and it’s only improving from here. If you’re looking for an incredible education for your children, Edmond is the absolute right place to go. To learn more about Edmond public schools visit: Edmond Schools

deer creek elementary school

Deer Creek Elementary School

Grove Valley Elementary School

Grove Valley Elementary School

Deer Creek Middle School

Prairie Vale Elementary School

Prairie Vale Elementary School

Deer Creek Highschool

Deer Creek Highschool

Memorial Highschool

Memorial Highschool

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Final thoughts on Edmond,Ok

Edmond Oklahoma is a town that’s built from the ground up to be a fantastic and safe area for the entire family. Not only are the public schools in this city exceptional and of the highest quality, but the public park system is also stellar and an integral resource for the public. There’s no better place for your family thank Edmond, Oklahoma, and that’s a fact that has lead us to offer so many homes in this city.

You’ll find plenty of shops, malls, and fine and casual dining scattered throughout this city, along with an abundance of night-life options. Edmond even has an adorable downtown area that’s packed with local businesses that are worth a visit. If you’re looking for a beautiful place that’s suitable for raising a family, Edmond is the obvious choice. This city has a low crime rate and a sense of community that you’re sure to love.

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